The Virtual Games

An innovative, app based company exercise challenge, to encourage your employees to become more active. Let the games commence.

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Company Wellness Challenge

Company challenges are a great way to get employees focused on their health & wellness in a fun, engaging and competitive manner. In order to bring company challenges to the next level we have created The Virtual Games App.

The Virtual Games App is not another boring walking or step challenge. This app allows us to efficiently manage registrations, track the challenge, motivate employees to take part and to continue to take part, and to display the individual, team and corporate progression live. Your employees can select up to 6 different types of exercise to suit them. The level of activity logged is converted into points which reflect the intensity level and type of exercise.

We have designed the app to be as simple and as user friendly as it can be. The app seamlessly connects to Apple HealthKit or Google Fit, which enables activity to be synced automatically from your smartphone. If employees do not have a smartphone, they will be able to manually log activity points with just a couple of clicks.

The app will track individual results and display team and company leader-boards.




Being part of a team makes success more likely to a greater cohort of employees. Our findings have shown that an effective team component can boost participation and completion rates by 50% and more. We have designed the Virtual Games App to allow all employees to come together and compete as part of a team.

Our challenges will focus on the success of the group as a whole, but we will make sure that each participant has the opportunity to contribute. The Virtual Games App is a great way of making a tangible difference to the health & well-being of your entire workforce.

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It's fun!

The first rule of taking part in an exercise programme is to make sure that it’s one you enjoy. If they weren’t, why would anyone take part? Good natured team competition, partaken in the right spirit appeals to us all. We are all kids at heart and a fun team challenge appeals to that very principle.

We have designed the Virtual Games App to facilitate social connections and to make positive results more likely, both for groups and for individuals alike.

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Engage with your employees outside of the office

We have successfully delivered app based challenges to tech companies, to manufacturing companies with shift workers, to companies with a nationwide office or retail networks, and to companies with employees all over the world.  Our app challenges are so successful as we design the challenge to get to all of your employees involved no matter where they are and no matter what their level of fitness.

Even employees working in traditional 9 to 5 offices will love our app challenges as they can engage with it when it suits them, 24/7.

Life, Mind, Body

An activity app that tracks more than just employees steps

App Features


It's competitive!

A range of exercises to choose from

Easy to get started

Regularly updated leader-boards and reporting

Available for iOS and Android