Wellness Portals

Your employees should be able to learn, engage, and book wellness service and events in one place. That is why we design wellness websites for our key clients.

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Connect Your Health and Wellness Strategy

We can design a fully branded dynamic & engaging website interface for your employees. These portals can host a range of services such as:

  • Health & wellness videos
  • Health & wellness calculators
  • Downloadable handouts & work books
  • Wellness blogs
  • Calendars – lists of upcoming wellness events & programmes, as well as local events e.g. Great Limerick Run, Dublin Marathon, etc.
  • Online booking system for all health & wellness events & programmes
  • Online Surveys and Screens

One of the principal advantages of using digital platforms is the ability to track engagement on a participant level as well as offering on demand access to wellness. It will also offer excellent visibility of all upcoming and ongoing Wellness Events and programmes in your organisation, driving wellness in your organisation both onsite and remotely.


Improved Engagement of Programmes

Your employees will, for the first time, be able to engage with your wellness outside of work. That is very powerful. By having a dedicated wellness portal, programmes can have a more coherent and effective marketing and sign up process, thus delivering higher engagement and return on investment.

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Communicate Your Wellness Brand

A company portal will give your organisation the opportunity to communicate and distribute a new or existing internal wellness brand. If you do not have a wellness brand, do not worry, we have designed some of the internal wellness brands for some of the best companies in the world.

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Works Onsite & Offsite

A company portal is flexible to the different workplace settings our clients operate in.  Your portal will be inclusive to those that have the ability to access it within their workplace or only at home. We are happy if your employees’ families use it, if you are.

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Make your company's wellness progammes more tangible and accessible for employees


Secure Registration & Login

New Content Added Monthly

Online Booking of Wellness Events