Corporate Gyms

Whilst we provide fitness services to over 100 wellness clients since 2015, we now manage gyms in some of the best known companies in Ireland and we are growing.

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Corporate Gym Management

We pride ourselves on advising our clients of the latest equipment, approaches, technology and wellness initiatives to ensure best return on investment.

An onsite fitness centre is a fantastic benefit for your employees. To maximise the benefit, we spend as much time focused on those that do not use the gym as we do on those that do. From our perspective, if we can increase employee usage or engagement, then we achieve better value for our clients. To do that you need equipment, programmes, classes and a team of personal trainers that cater equally for the regular gym goers and the new users. We do not think that there is a company in Ireland that can compete with us in costs per engaged employee. Everywhere we have worked, we have increased engagement in the onsite gym by over 25%, and in some cases we have doubled it.

We are changing the concept of conventional corporate fitness facilities. Our fitness team are specialists in setting up and managing corporate fitness and wellbeing centres. We now manage the gyms of some of the best known companies in Ireland, including Microsoft, Oracle and Vodafone.

To manage a corporate gym is so different than managing a high street gym. Our corporate philosophy is based on three key pillars:

The Team, The Marketing & The Software.


The Team

Our corporate fitness team are exceptional and we are not just talking about the Olympic athletes, the triathletes or the former Leinster Rugby development coaches. All of our team are exceptional. Generally, we favour personal trainers over fitness instructors in a corporate environment. We think that their skills in coaching empower employees to change. The personal trainers can deliver far more than simple inductions and regular classes to members, and instead be immersed in the goal of promoting exercise and healthy habits in your company.

Choosing a team that is the right fit for our clients and their culture is crucial. The minimum level of qualifications for our personal trainers is QQI Level 5, while the majority would be trained to Level 8 in Sports Science or Sports Management. Along with minimum qualification requirements, we also place a strong emphasis on the individual, with the ability to inspire and to motivate employees as paramount in our approach.

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The Software

Employee engagement and interaction is maximised by our state-of-the-art exercise and nutrition app.  Our clients have the option of their own app for iPhone and Android so that employees can book classes, use animated exercise videos and track their progress. With this app, our experts can create tailored exercise plans for your employees, and share these plans on a notebook, tablet, smartphone or a good old-fashioned print out. Employees can also book classes, schedule an assessment and log their activity as they go.

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The Marketing

Just because you have an onsite gym, does not automatically mean staff will use it. We manage the marketing of your facility to ensure it attracts a high percentage of your staff. This will give your company gym the maximum potential for usage from day one.

Our dedicated marketing team create co-branded or solely partner-branded marketing material on behalf of our partners. Our team can create the collateral needed to drive the benefits of using the gym throughout your worksite. The gym should always be the springboard and centrepiece of all wellness initiatives within our client companies.

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Using technology to connect and engage with your employees on a daily basis.


Highly Qualified Personal Trainers

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