Pop Up Health

From Onsite Dental to Onsite Optical put your employees in the hands of Ireland's largest allied health service provider with over 140,000 customers nationwide.

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Corporate Onsite Health Services

Spectrum Wellness is part of Spectrum Health, Ireland’s largest provider of Allied Health Services in 31 clinics in 8 counties. We only employ the leading clinicians in each of their disciplines and provide services from Chartered Physiotherapy to Counselling Psychology. Spectrum Wellness are pleased to bring the services of Spectrum Health to corporate market, and have done so for over 300 clients to date.

Many of our services can be provided at no charge to the employer such as our dental and optical, as they utilise the employee’s PRSI contributions.

There are so many benefits of a well-designed and well run Pop Up Health services, including:

  • Convenient access to care and treatment
  • Flexible schedules tailored to work demands
  • Efficient booking by App or online booking
  • More affordable healthcare for your employees due to co-pay or direct settlement through your health insurance
  • Employee pay or employer funded options
  • It is a benefit that you can offer employee families without additional overhead costs

We’re a full service onsite healthcare provider, supplying you with marketing, online booking and employee feedback once the event has ended.

Request a Brochure from our team to learn more about our Pop up services and our other corporate wellness programmes.

Leading Clinical Standards

We comply to the highest clinical standards across all of our onsite healthcare services for our corporate customer, as we have done with our 140,000 customers to date. Our Director of Medical Services ensures that our team have the training, qualifications, experience, and professional insurance to deliver the highest standard of services every time.

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Market Leading Provider

We are proud to be Ireland’s largest provider of Allied Health Services. In one form or another we’ve been around for 30 years. We may have become the biggest, but all of our focus is on being the best. We like to think our patients are happy with what we do too, with an average satisfaction of 93%.

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Flexible Healthcare Provider

Not only do we operate the widest range of clinical services (please see below), we can also provide these services at a varied frequency, in a variety of locations. Whether you need a physiotherapist for one day to provide shoulder massages at people’s desks, onsite dental, or a psychologist to run counselling 2 days a week, or you need us to establish a fully managed Health Centre, we can be flexible to your needs and to your budget.

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