The benefits of having a gym in the workplace affect employees and employers 

On the pages of the Spectrum Wellness blog, we have mentioned many times, the benefits of having a gym in the workplace. However, we believe that four benefits in particular highlight the positive results a company can achieve by installing an onsite gym or fitness centre.

It’s undoubted that being physically fit has many benefits on the health and wellness of an individual, but how do these benefits affect the workplace? And how do they act as an advantage to the employer? Here are the key benefits of having a gym in the workplace and encouraging fitness among your employees.

1. Employee retention

A high employee turnover can be expensive, and it can make potential candidates think twice about accepting a job offer. 70% of employees say they are likely to stay with an employer longer-term if the company invests employee health and wellbeing, and there is no better way to do that than giving them free access to an onsite gym. Increasing employee retention reduces costs and increases the chance of hiring more talented recruits.

Yoga- stress at work

2. It helps employees cope with stress

Along with weight, stress is one of the highest causes of illness. In 2013 alone, 55,000 workers in Ireland were affected by work-related stress, which in turn resulted in a loss of around 790,000 productive days in Irish companies. Multiple scientific studies have proven exercise to be an effective method of stress reduction. This means that companies that provide access to exercise equipment and encourage its usage are helping to reduce the impact of stress on the company’s overall output.

3. It prevents muscle issues among the workforce

Another interesting statistic worth noting is that disorders affecting the body, such as muscle and tendon issues, account for 50% of absences in Irish Workplaces. Quite a shocking figure, but one that can be reduced if more businesses adopt a culture of fitness by introducing an onsite gym.

What does it all mean?

Overall, the benefits of having a gym in the workplace mean that your company could not only reduce costs but also reduce absenteeism, increase employee retention and boost productivity and quality of work. These four impactful benefits have many subsidiary advantages that can vastly improve how your company operates and how your employees feel about working there. Want to make your company somewhere people strive to work? Installing a workplace gym is just one of the ways that help do this.

Workplace gyms aren’t just for huge companies

There is a common misconception that workplace gyms are exclusive to large multinationals, but this isn’t the case. At Spectrum Wellness we don’t believe that corporate wellness and onsite gyms should be reserved for the employees working at larger businesses; it should be accessible to all. A workplace gym doesn’t have to be a large, fully kitted gym to rival the commercial gyms out there, it’s all dependent on the needs of your employees and the size of your workforce and the space you have. You can have small gyms and even simple fitness studios; so long as your employees have somewhere to go to engage in some kind of physical activity. Read our guide to setting up a gym in the workplace for advice on what to consider before taking that big step!

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