An innovative MSK screen to reduce musculoskeletal related absenteeism and improve employee wellbeing

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About BodyScore

BodyScore is a Chartered Physiotherapy led screen aimed at detecting musculoskeletal (MSK) and orthopaedic conditions before they even happen. For most companies, by looking at their medical insurance claims data or Occupational Health reports they will see that MSK is consistently at the top of the list in terms of health complaints from employees. As BodyScore is proactive in nature, it aims to prevent these injuries impacting the health of employees and the productivity of an organisation by identifying them before they become noticeable to the person being screened.

“MSK injuries account for a staggering 7 million lost days in absenteeism each year, amounting to over €750 million in costs to the economy.”

BodyScore combines cutting edge technology with industry leading expertise in MSK injury management, to create a screen that is modern, insightful, mobile based and has a focus on actionable outcomes both at an employee and organisation level. The employee will also receive a report and a MSK score from the Chartered Physiotherapist that outlines where their body is and is not working well, alongside targeted rehab delivered through an app.

We’ve built a complex scoring algorithm that enables us to provide each employee with a MSK score, while also providing the company with an MSK score for the entire company. Within both the employee and company report, this score is broken up per body section, with recommendations for each body section on how to improve the score in the future.


Improve Employee Health & Wellbeing

First and foremost, by enabling employees to detect MSK and orthopedic conditions early and before they manifest in a debilitating way, employers can vastly improve the quality of life and well being of their workforce. Studies show that those who suffer from MSK conditions suffer from a 10 point drop in quality of life, and that early intervention through rehab and prevention can offset this drop in quality of life.

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Reduce Absenteeism & Presenteeism

MSK conditions are the leading cause of temporary absence in Ireland. In total, 7 million work days per year are lost due to MSK conditions, costing the Irish Economy €750m. By identifying a wide range of existing and potential MSK conditions, BodyScore can help companies reduce the prevalence of MSK absenteeism and presenteeism. BodyScore then becomes reactive by placing employees on a course of self management exercises, or through in clinic treatments with a Chartered Physiotherapist.

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Help Companies Understand Their MSK Issues

The more informed that companies are about the MSK health of their employees, the better they can instigate change in culture and practices, and plan for the future. The detailed company report provided after each screening phase is the key for companies to understand their MSK issues. Even companies with a relatively young workforce will benefit from BodyScore as it will enable them to put in place preventative measures to offset the natural degeneration of the body that occurs with age.

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