HealthScore delivers a complete 360 view on the health & wellness of an employee and of the organisation, with an employee report, personalised eLearning and company report

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About HealthScore

HealthScore is an innovative holistic health & wellness screening tool that allows companies to establish a baseline score of the health of their employees compared to national averages and industry norms, from which we can work together to improve upon.

We know that one size does not fit all in health & wellness. As a result we always recommend that we have the opportunity to analyse and score every bit of health & wellness data available to us to determine a company’s HealthScore. Everyone at the organisation will be asked to take our deeply insightful HealthScore, designed to ensure optimum engagement. This is not just a survey.  It is the hidden interconnections between the different health & wellness metrics that give depth to the report, arrive at the HealthScore and provide you with a detailed understanding of the overall health of an organisation. Employees themselves will get their own HealthScore and personalised insights along with bespoke e-learning programmes as to how they can improve their HealthScore.

Areas Covered:

Vitals (Blood Pressure, Diabetes & Cholesterol etc – self reporting)

Mental Health (Stress, Depression & Emotional Well-being)




Ergonomics/ MSK



Financial Wellness


Empower your Employees

We will give your employees a snapshot of their health & wellness, with their personalised HealthScore Report. Your employees will get a understanding of the areas where they are doing well and areas where improvement might well be warranted. We’ll help them achieve this with some advice and eLearning courses. 

Life, Mind, Body

Sets a Benchmark

HealthScore sets a benchmark of overall health for both employees and organisations by providing insights and clarity never before known. This gives participants the opportunity to reflect on any overall health issues and gives them the opportunity to understand and confront them.

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Budget Follows Data

HealthScore sets a benchmark of overall health for both employees and organisations by providing insights and clarity never before known. HealthScore also helps you make better more informed decisions and maximise ROI and value for money. By combining urgent areas of focus with an understanding of the areas employees would like to focus on, we can provide a wellness calendar that will deliver real change from a health and wellness perspective.

Life, Mind, Body


Confidential personal employee HealthScore report

A company wide score and participation stats

Results broken down by age, gender, & department

A benchmark for the company's health and wellbeing

Actionable outcomes to improve company HealthScore

Report issued 4 weeks after survey close date