Being a parent is not always easy and often at times, parents need that extra little bit of support and advice to ensure their challenges are being noticed.

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Growing up is hard but bringing up kids can be harder! Our Experts help to teach your employees about the different stages of development from tots to teenagers, the associated challenges and how to parent according to these developmental stages. Our programmes will help teach employees how to approach their children with a better understanding of their needs and experiences and the world in which they live.  A wide range of courses will give parents the tools to learn, to listen, to talk and to understand your children better which in turn will help your family flourish.


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Our experts are some of the longest established professional life & parent coaches in Ireland. They look at what you do well as a parent & what is working well. We often focus on what is not working and the challenges which can drain our confidence and energy to deal with them. Our Experts look at helping both.

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