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With stigma still present in today’s society, people can be reluctant to talk about their mental health and often put off seeking help or confiding in friends or colleagues for fear of being judged, labelled or stereotyped. This reluctance to speak up is not necessarily misplaced, with most people acknowledging that they would not know how to respond to someone experiencing a mental health difficulty.

By training a number of employees to better understand common mental health problems and effective, immediate interventions, our Mental Health First Responders programme offers an effective way that employers can break down stigma and create a space where staff feel able to share and seek help when they are struggling. Just as conventional first aiders administer help to a physically injured person, trained First Responders are equipped to deliver immediate care to a person who might be experiencing a personal crisis or distress in the workplace.


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Our highly trained and educated team of Clinical and Counselling Psychologists, provide best in class support for your employees undertaking the training programme. Using evidence-based and engaging material, the course will give all attendees a basic understanding of mental health and common issues and illnesses, with a special focus on positive mental health, its importance, and how to promote it.

Life, Mind, Body


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