A digital employee mental health screening tool, providing a personalised mental health report, eLearning & an aggregate anonymous corporate report.

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Mental Health Screening

We designed MindScore to help eradicate stigma in companies. We know that stigma is largely down to a lack of understanding around mental health and its terminology. We knew if we could engage employees on a mass scale in understanding their own mental health, that we could have a transformative effect on stigma in the workplace. We were right.

MindScore is an online mental health assessment used to help employees understand their own mental health. If during MindScore we do identify possible issues, we direct them straight away to appropriate treatment paths such as EAP, eLearning or wider support groups.

Participants complete an online, 100% confidential screen which uses evidence based diagnostic tools to determine an overall score for their mental health. This score is delivered through a fully personalised report which will appear on their webpage seconds after submissions. Optionally, participants can choose to have the report delivered to their inbox if they wish to enter their email address.

In addition to an overall MindScore, participants are given personalised feedback on various other potential mental issues and how they scored on each one. These issues include:

Emotional Wellbeing



Mood Levels

Food & Eating



Sets a Benchmark

Ultimately, MindScore sets a benchmark of mental health for both employees and organisations by providing insights and clarity never before known. This gives participants the opportunity to reflect on any mental health issues and gives them the opportunity to understand them, whilst empowering the individual to confront them.

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Reduces Stigma

People diagnosed with mental health problems say that the social stigma attached to ill mental health and the discrimination they experience, can make their difficulties worse, and often make it harder to recover. Research shows that the best way to challenge these stereotypes is through awareness and education.

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Proactive & Reactive

MindScore is not just a survey – it’s a fully personalised assessment tool that normalises any mental health issues your employees are facing. Modern workplace mental health must blend proactive services with reactive ones. MindScore delivers this across the organisation.

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Confidential personal employee MindScore report

A company wide score and participation stats

A benchmark for the company's health and wellbeing

Results broken down by age, gender & department

Report issued 4 weeks after survey close date

Actionable outcomes to improve company MindScore