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A simple but highly effective way to break down stigma and start a conversation around mental health.

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Mental Health Seminars & Webinars

An open culture can be created in the workplace by promoting an awareness and understanding of mental health and wellbeing, through an effective educational and open discussion that challenges and breaks down the stigma and myths that surround mental illness. This creates a safe space where employees feel encouraged and supported to open up about mental health problems and take the first step along the road to recovery. Well in Mind Seminars are an excellent way to develop and open culture towards mental health, and to break down the stigma associated with mental health.

Well in Mind Webinars have the added benefit of allowing employees to access content at any time, for up to 30 days after they go live.

The first thing an organisation can do to create a supportive workplace environment is publicly and visibly commit to addressing mental health in the workplace, we can help you on that first step.


Our Experts

Our Well In Mind speakers are some of the leading communicators and thought leaders in the Irish mental health industry. We only utilise speakers of the highest qualification in their field (Counselling and Clinical Psychologists), and speakers that can effectively communicate and engage with employees in a way that empowers them to make the necessary changes.

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